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FaeryTaleAdventurer's News

Hey everyone,

    I'm in the process of a [big] transition to a new place of living. It's going to be a lot quieter on the music front, than it already has been. 

I've acquired the mainline version of SONAR (with Lifetime Updates), after getting tired of dealing with the complications of the Steam version.  It feels much smoother on the surface, though there is room for improvement.

I am definitely eager to return to making music.  I have a local project that needs tunes, and hopefully I'll be able to fulfill those needs in the coming months.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Let's hear em!  See ya'll l8r!


First BandCamp Song in the History of Ever!

2015-05-28 19:30:48 by FaeryTaleAdventurer

That's right ppl, today I've taken a big step for myself, and have released a song on BandCamp.  I appreciate your support.



Happy Holidays

2014-12-26 10:01:58 by FaeryTaleAdventurer

Stay close to your friends, family neighbors this season. :-D

Nursing school...

2014-09-14 14:48:52 by FaeryTaleAdventurer

Just experienced my first week and wow.  I don't know how well I'll do, but I know I can't leave this program empty-handed.


In other news, I'm starting to get the hand of a new DAW I acquired earlier this year: Cakewalk's SONAR.  SONAR comes with the TTS-1, a General MIDI VST based on the Roland SC-88 (the same SoundCanvas module Nobuo Uematsu used for his music productions for Final Fantasy 8-10 (and onwards?)).  Below I got a video of a tune that's probably well-remembered or much forgotten in FFX, that I transcribed with SONAR.  It was fun making it, let me know what you thought.




I'm as thrilled as I am surprised to see that my latest upload has already achieved featured audio status, within a week's time!

Happy to say that this new portable hard drive of mine has been a lifesaver with the advent of Mavericks. Unfortunately, the latest real life events I'm facing will have me out a big hold on any future projects for a very long time, if not indefinitely.

I thank everyone again for their support, and with this reception I have gotten lately, I feel confident enough now to start making and selling albums/singles. Take care, for now!



If you don't have a Time Machine back-up hard drive.

You don't [really] have a chance.


After reading quite a few reviews for Apple's latest [free] version of its operating system, I'd been rather wary about upgrading.  I'd been on the fence about it, up until the time my brother said he'd had Mavericks on his computer practically since it came out.  After hearing that he never had any big problems with 10.9, I decided to go ahead and take the chance.  Within about 48 hours, my Mac partition's been reduced to an "EFI Boot" (whatever the shell that means).  I don't have a spare external HD that can function as my Time Machine device.  After attempting to software repair/verify the partition, as well as the harddrive itself, I've essentially dug myself deeper, as I can no longer even access my BOOTCAMP (Windows) partition now. Thus, at some point I need to go ahead and take my computer and get my files (namely my GarageBand and Live projects!) saved (hopefully), before I do a clean install.

Bottom line:


This is your Merry man, FaeryTaleAdventurer, wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

No music?

2013-10-11 20:52:33 by FaeryTaleAdventurer

Sorry guys, a long story short: I'm grounded. Got some great ideas in mind for what to work on when I'm allowed to, but that's the reason music was essentially shot over the summer. Looking back, I've fallen like a sinking cathedral in terms of quality instead of rising, so hopefully I'll know how to improve in the future.


No music?

Hey fans, I'm 26 today. And yes I will confirm that Quetya's post is true.

Got new music I can't wait to finish this summer, and I look forward to sharing them!

RIGHT HERE------->:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/lis ten/517426