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I'm impressed by your knack to shoot for the moon Phyrnna. Keep it up!

Well done, mate! It's awesome that you got to work with people like Bill Wray (of Ren & Stimpy fame), and Wendee Lee (of Haruhi Suzumiya fame). Keep up the grand work.

The poor piggy. I can only guess who voiced him....


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It's a great game, I played it last year and managed to come across a "Plan-9" movie easter egg. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it again.

Meanwhile I'm at what looks like the second to last level (one with the fuel tanks everywhere), and I keep getting stuck, literally, inside EBE holes, and can't move out of them.

This has proven to be a great experience, especially with headphones on, but there are still some things that need fixing from grammar to holes to features.

Squize responds:

Yeah those holes were such a mistake, we never had one issue in all the testing but so many people have got stuck in them, I can only apologise ( It's too late in the day to provide a fix I'm afraid ).

Thanks for the review / playing the game mate.

This is pretty cool!

The background story's pretty interesting.

The music's a bit eerie, though it is expected for this type of game.

I've gotten so used to seeing the cursor change when it's over an interactive object, that I was actually shocked that it wasn't available in this game.

One thing that really surprised me as well as made me smile was hearing that familiar "puzzle solved" jingle, that I believe I haven't heard since my elementary school days. If this sounds foreign to you, just know that there was a jigsaw puzzle game on the old PowerMacs (before the switch to Intel), where when you successfully put all the pieces together in the puzzle, this very same jingle that I'm hearing in this game would play! An epic blast from the past for me!

I look forward to completing the game. I also wish that one could loop through all of the usable items, without having to change direction. Great work.



I never thought playing as a "bad" guy could be so much fun. Playing this game helped introduce me to a number of NES games which I never actually played but am familiar with.

The unlimited continues were definitely useful, though my hat is definitely off to those who've managed to complete the game without having to use a continue once! I LOVED the challenges.

I look forward to a sequel (beyond Aboboy's small adventure), that invites us to explore other great NES classics like Final Fantasy, Metroid, and Battletoads.

Again, I really enjoyed playing this game, and it definitely shows how much work was done in it, to keep it "believable" in 8-bit!


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Good shit once again man. Sounds like a nice mix of GB/Logic synths and SID synths, which has a cool retroactive feel to it. Keep up the great work dude, I apologize for the delayed response, as I rarely visit NG anymore.


Bro! This beat here is all right. The loop has an addictive feel to it, that doesn't really get boring. Love the vocal sample, as it announces who this beat is about, who it's from and such. Very modern and smooth. I was half-expecting lyrics to get thrown in, but even as an instrumental it's pretty well put together. I feel like there could be more variety with the melody or something, but outside of that it's pretty neat stuff.

Keep following your dreams, whatever they may be.


A subtle yet interesting remix of your MonHunter song. Was listening to the familiar intro, the progressions, and the confirming end.

Have I found you out?


Phyrnna responds:

Yep :p

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Pulp Fiction meets moe.

Hey Kira!

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Kira says, "Hi".

Goes to show, that you do have some love/respect for 90s anime! =-3

Just a person that one day looks forward to making music for games.

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